Drencrom was founded as a podium for the integration of art and design.
Rather than wait for any assigment to execute, here at Drencrom we approach things a bit differently.
Unsatisfied with any or all accepted definitions of art and design, we follow our gut instincts concerning aesthetics and cultural significance to guide us in our choice of projects, whether that be reissuing lost gems of yesteryear or collaborating to design the myths of the near future. Based on our wide personal interests and taste, all projects to date were instigated by the Drencrom crew. Interesting offers for collaboration will be seriously considered.

Concept development
We can help you develop your ideas or come up with new ones altogether.

- original art -reissues
- stylish living accessories

- graphic design ( conceptualization, visualisation, packaging )
- webdesign ( HTML, flash )
- multimedia
- flyers ( Drencrom's Frequent Flyer Program )
- presentations

Contact us at info@drencrom.com
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