How the project came to be

In late 1998, after discovering that Herman Makkink - then my teacher in spatial research at The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam - was responsible for the more important sculptures used in Stanley Kubrick's film version of A Clockwork Orange, we got into a long conversation about the book and the film.
Herman promised he would show me his clockwork orange files and one of the remaining sculptures which he had kept for himself. I was quite overwhelmed when I saw a beat up Rocking Machine on his studio table (detached from the set of the movie) and genuinely surprised to discover that it was not solid porcelain (a suggestion picked up from it's movement and seeming weight in Alex's hands), but made of glass fibre with a pendulum mechanism which gives it it's characteristic movement and weight. Herman had made a series of six in 1969 (before Kubrick's film) as independent works of art.


Both of us being ardent film fans and admirers of Kubrick's movies, we discussed the history of the sculptures and his involvement in Kubrick's film. I suggested he produce a second series of this fascinating sculpture. At first Herman was quite reluctant about starting work on a project he had finished three decades ago (Herman always being busy with some new project), but he said he might still have the original mold. He could not locate it though and thought it was destroyed during a storage space cleanup (a casual thing with sculptors I understand) and without the mold and very little time on our hands... the idea gradually dwindled off. We kept on seeing each other on and off and about a year later I got a telephone call from Herman stating that he had dug up the original mold. After seeing the dusty mold our enthusiasm was rekindled and we again discussed reissuing another series, if I was willing to assist the master himself...
Shortly thereafter we heard of Kubricks death, and somehow the project became even more relevant.
After locating another assistant (for the times Herman was off completing other projects) - Branislav Solic, a Croat sculptor and artist in his own right, the clockwork started turning...
This project is dedicated to the memory of a great visionary - Stanley Kubrick

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